Entry Area of Deck Screen Porch
Upper Level of Deck
Side of Deck
Grill Area of Deck
Lower Level of Deck

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Side Deck Area

Front Deck View From Side of House
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The cabin features a 1,300 square foot wrap around deck. The entrance side of the cabin has an 8 foot wide deck providing stairway access to the cabin. This side of the deck also provides access to the outdoor hot tub. The front of the cabin features a multilevel deck. The second, lower level, is designed so that the rail does not obstruct the views from the house or the upper level of the deck.

The far side of the house features a 12 foot wide deck that has a screen porch.

There are also outdoor stereo speakers on the deck to allow you to listen to your favorite music while enjoying the outdoors.

There is plenty of room for you to relax, enjoy the view, and enjoy the sun! More Pictures of the deck in the summer picture area.